About Me

care, commitment and experience

Matt Taylor

Counsellor and Therapist

There is no such thing as a trouble free life and we all need a little help to work through particularly tough times. However, despite the difficulties, I believe life can be filled with many moments of joy and connection. These days, we all seem to be incredibly busy and we face emotional and mental pressures from all sides. Being self-aware and learning strategies that enable us to better handle the inevitable storms is so important. I have personally been through some very low times and I appreciate how bleak life can feel when there is no clear way out.

My aim is to create a space which allows clients to feel safe and secure and able to explore their inner world without the usual worry that comes with saying exactly what’s on your mind. I am also always learning and reading in order to offer my clients systems and models to help you better understand the inner workings of your heart and mind.

I have been working with people for over twenty years in various roles and capacities and have had the privilege of learning from some remarkable teachers. My experience as a minister of religion, a hypnotherapist, a mindfulness coach, as well as being a family man, entrepreneur and student influences the way I approach counselling and therapy. My wife and I have run physiotherapy and wellbeing clinics for fifteen years and we really do believe it is some of the most rewarding work a person could engage in – a genuine privilege. 

My Approach & Values

I can recall as a youngster discussing the subject of Transactional Analysis (a psychotherapeutic model) with my Mum.  She was a Relate marriage guidance counsellor and would often share what she had learned with the family after attending training courses. It was clear that helping others through difficult times gave her a real sense of purpose and pleasure. Both my Mum and Dad have always been great examples of the joy and wealth that comes through helping others.

As a young man I studied the sciences, eventually focusing on Microbiology at University, but during that time I joined a church and ended up with the responsibility of leading a small student group. It became clear to me that working with people, rather than in a lab, was where my heart lay. In 1994 I began working for the church I was part of.

I met my wife in 1996 when working together in London and  we married in 1997. After leading congregations in Cambridge and Manchester we decided to set up Cambridgeshire Sports Physio and Back Care in Abbots Ripton; Sara treated her clients while I looked after the other aspects of running the business. I then trained as a hypnotherapist in 2006.

Over the years my approach to therapy has changed as I have studied various other techniques. My personal practice and study of mindfulness has been a revelation. It is incredibly well researched and the benefits, often clinically proven, are many. I now incorporate mindfulness into most of my therapy. I cannot recommend it enough and strongly believe it will be a commonplace practice throughout western society in the near future.

My most recent study has been in the field of psychotherapy – I am currently training at The Berne Institute, under some remarkable teachers, such as Adrienne Lee, to become a psychotherapist, using the Transactional Analysis approach.

My Experience

  • Minister of religion for eight years
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Entrepreneur and business owner
  • Husband and father

If you are looking for a counsellor and you feel you want to find out whether that might be me, please ring, email or complete the contact form, to discuss your needs. We can arrange a brief meeting, giving us a chance to ask the sort of questions that might help with your decision. This initial assessment takes about 20 minutes and is not a commitment to therapy sessions; it is an important opportunity for us to find out whether it is going to be possible to work together.